Ugh! A Podcast Continues

I STILL co-host a podcast with my good friend, Casey Ley. It's a lot of fun, and on the latest episode (of which Casey was not present for, because apparently he has a family he loves, that occasionally needs him for stuff????) I talked about getting catfished. It was not my favorite experience (the catfishing, that is).


Ugh! A Podcast

I do a podcast with my good friend and fellow comedian, Casey Ley. It's not really about anything, which makes it indistinguishable form the mountain of other comedy podcasts out there. The big difference seems to be that we talk about sex A LOT. Like, we can be really fucking disgusting sometimes. Anyway, all of the episodes, as well as occasional other stuff™ is all on our website: Ugh! Comedy

Comedy's fun, right guys? All this shit belongs to me, WILL WELDON!